Vision & Mission


COSMIC GLOW  solar holds a moral vision affecting billions of life across the globe in a positive manner by retaining and maintaining the green, eco-friendly and safe environment. We wish to produce electricity from a free and renewable source of power that would attract consumers and investors all around the world. We believe in developing efficient, precise and affordable solar models and panels by using latest technological advancements.

Our team is dedicated to comply with the required business standards and values and produce innovative solar systems for an eco-friendly environment. A blend of new technology and experienced professionals ensure flawless working of our installed solar systems and help us align ourselves to our vision.

Our vision focuses on high quality and innovation combined with latest technologies and standards for production of solar systems. Consistent adherence to these standards helps ___ raise the bar of the industry and the company too.

We serve the customers by:

  1. Designing and installation of solar panels and modules I.E On-rid & Off –Grid PV plants.
  2. Operation and maintenance of PV solar installations and more.


Our mission is to protect the world from natural threats like global warming, green-house effects, amongst others by promoting the usage of solar energy and save and retain the clean and green environment for future generations. As a commitment to our customers and stakeholders, we continuously strive for improved quality products and reach our ultimate goal or mission of fulfilling global energy demands.

Natural resources are depleting at a very fast pace, hence there is an urgent need to switch towards the renewable and pollution free sources of energy for electricity or nuclear power to bring down the overall cost of electricity generation and level of pollution.

The factors that differentiate COSMIC GLOW _ from the rest of the industry are:

  • We retain full flexibility on supply and installation of solar systems.
  • We offer affordable power generation through our high quality and efficient solar panels and products.


Through technological expertise and innovative business approach, we are dedicated to provide solar solutions to meet the needs for clean renewable energy.