Green Shop

Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Custom designed systems, any capacity from 500 LPD to 100000 LPD
  • Temperatures up to 80 C (both thermosiphone and forced circulation systems)
  • Heat Ex jacketed heating systems for varying water quality
  • Heating of water, chemicals, oil, thermic fluid, etc.
  • Optional automatic backup systems with LPG or electricity
  • Turnkey design to suit modern architecture
  • Modular integrated fourth generation thermal solutions
  • Applications like hotels, hospitals, apartments,marriage houses, canteens, dormitories, boilerfeed, paint shop, industrial washing, etc.
  • Approved by nationalized Banks, MNRE, UNEP & other nodal agencies

Solar Home Lighting System

  • Ideal for homes, guesthouses, hospitals, canteens, schools, security rooms, check posts, restaurants, warehouses, banks etc.
  • High luminance CFL Lamps
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Various models depending on number of lights and total backup
  • Models available with DC fan, FM/AM radio, TV
  • Solar UPS/Inverters with AC output for banks, homes, etc.
  • Minimal maintenance, long life
  • Approved by Nationalized Banks, MNRE, UNEP & other nodal agencies

Solar Lanterns/Portable Lights

  • Portable and Light Weight
  • LED Light provides more brightness and long working hours
  • Ideal for Remote Locations, during Power Cuts, Camps, Emergency Medical Work etc.
  • Pollution free and Zero Running Costs

Solar Garden Lights

  • Ideal for Garden, Court yards, Pathways, Fountain side, Pool side
  • Automatic Operation, No manual operation required
  • SS body for high aesthetics and ruggedness
  • Easy Installation, No hassles of complex cabling
  • Low on maintenance
  • NI-MH battery for maintenance free operation
  • Day time charging and night time illumination

Solar Swimming Pool Heating System

  • Warming of Swimming Pools, Spas, Sporting Pools etc.
  • Temperature rise to suit customer requirements
  • Easy retro-fitment to the existing swimming pool filtration plant
  • Optional thermal blankets
  • High comfort

Street Light

  • Compact all in one , DIY design easy to install
  • Maximize solar power efficiency
  • Wireless, low cost, low electricity loss
  • Green energy concept design
  • Super bright LED homogenous lighting distribution
  • Long life duration, maintenance free
  • Strong housing, weather proof design
  • Optimal design for solar powered input and LED illuminating