Based on the availability of renewable energy resources, Cosmic Glow Energy LLP works along with rural development agencies to provide

  • Solar photovoltaics lanterns
  • Solar PV home lights
  • PV-based community street lighting
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Rural Electrification

Solar Photovoltaics (SPV)

Cosmic Glow Energy LLP offers various SPV solutions targeted specially at the rural sector such as portable lighting systems (Solar Lantern), Indoor Lighting (SPV Home Lighting System) and SPV Street Lighting System.

Rural SPV solutions from Cosmic Glow Energy LLP provide many benefits such as:

  • Back up emergency lights during power cuts
  • Power for remote locations with no grid supply
  • Reading lights for children’s study
  • Environment-friendly and cost-effective power
  • Helps reduce huge investment from the government for transmission, distribution and cable losses