Go green the efficient way

If ‘go green’ is part of your corporate agenda, Cosmic Glow Energy LLP offers renewable energy solutions.

Energy-efficient Buildings

Renewable energy technologies should be integrated in the planning, design and operation stages. An energy-efficient building can be achieved through

  • A combination of Photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources
  • Minimizing the use of fossil fuels
  • Controlling harmful emissions and non-degradable waste

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

A highly functional custom installation, here the solar generator (PV array) is merged into the fade of the building or into the roof. The benefits of this architectural feature include:

  • A striking new design
  • Using the non-generating surface to generate electricity from the sun
  • Reduces electricity bill if connected to the grid
  • An effective way to proclaim your environmental stewardship
  • Effective light management and glare protection