Claim Your Solar Rooftop Subsidy


Introducing limited time opportunity to claim upto 30% Solar Rooftop Subsidy on its installation. This central financial assistance is available to all Residences, Societies, Schools, Institutes, Hospitals, registered as non profit organisation or under a trust. “Make hay while the sun shines.” There cant be a more apt saying to define this Grid connected Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme offered by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). Literally this is the time for you to go for solar while the Solar Rooftop Subsidy is readily available through us.

Geopower India Pvt Ltd is empanelled with Solar Energy Corporation of India or SECI to offer direct Subsidy under the 500 MW rooftop grid connected solar PV rooftop scheme. There is no doubt that this Solar Rooftop Subsidy scheme offers unmatched benefits for the end customer in terms of pre-approval of subsidy, that is you get your Solar Rooftop Subsidy approvals before you actually make the full investment. You get a promised guaranteed generation. You also get 25 years panel performance warranty apart from free maintenance services for 5 years. And all this is available at much reduced subsidised rates. Sounds Unbelievable!! As a customer what more can you ask for!! Call our solar consultant for more information. This 500 MW Solar Rooftop Subsidy scheme is available for all states and UT across India so hurry before the quota of 500 MW gets over. Get your subsidy approvals in place which our team can manage for you. Refer to the info graphic below to understand the simple process.

Hassle free Solar Rooftop Subsidy made easy by Cosmic Glow Solar. Register your Rooftop Now.

Financial Incentives
  • Upto 30% subsidy
  • Free Maintenance for 5 years
Other Benefits
  • Guaranteed Generation
  • All Solar Rooftop Subsidy approvals our responsibility
Program Coverage
  • All 29 states & 7 UTs
  • Upfront Subsidy Approval before full Investment

SECI Solar Rooftop Subsidy Process

The 500 MW Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme is very consumer friendly. The entire process of approval is managed and organized by us. You just need to register before the subsidy quota gets over and we take care of the rest. Call our executive to understand the registration process, then just sit back and relax. Our team takes care of the entire process and keeps you informed at every stage. Here is the process made simple for you!!

  • Site Analysis
  • Subsidy Approval
  • Installation
  • Commissioning & Approval
  • Subsidy Disbursement
  • System Monitoring

As you can observe, these are four simple steps. Once you register your rooftop, SECI does an inspection of your rooftop which we arrange for you. It then provides a Solar Rooftop Subsidy approval letter which basically means that you know upfront that your subsidy has been approved before you go for complete installation with us. Our team then starts the work after this approval.

Register for Subsidy

Provide Rooftop and Current Load

Rooftop Inspection

SECI Inspects your Rooftop

Subsidy Approval

You get approval Letter

Expert Support

Our Team starts Project